Cape Horn - Glaciers of the Darwin Cordillera

The trip

Who has never dreamed of the mythical Cape Horn, the most southern land on the planet! Crossing this Cape is a big symbol for travelers. Continue the tour by visiting the glaciers of the Cordillera of Darwin surounded by a pure, wild and sublime nature ...

At your arrival in Ushuaia, we embark on the boat that was previously refueled.

Firstly toward to Puerto Williams, after 5 hours of sailing in the Beagle Channel, we come to the Micalvi, high place for sailors of the Great South.

After checking into Chile, we head towards Puerto Toro, last hamlet austral. A descent south to the majestic Cap Horn only askes to be reached.

If the weather is with optimal, we drop the anchor at the bottom of Cape Horn lighthouse, visit the museum, stamp the passports and postcards to send to your relatives from the real world!

Then return to Puerto Williams, for a magical tour of Darwin's Cordillera glacier, around Gordon Island. We land every evening in a different fjord, all superbs and differents.

Sail, hike, admire whales, dolphins, sea lions, penguins, cormorants and other condors.
Is it the glaciers!

Glaciers of Darwin cordillera

Cape Horn

Cape Horn lighthouse